Ted 2 - Official Trailer , I'm currently working on it !

Ted´s trailer !  This is a new animation experience for me ! Realistic animation ! The VFX ´s world is completely  different than I used to do , huge experience :D ! 

2d animation

I have tried to animate in 2d.. not easy but so good to do it !feel free !!🎈

SPONGEBOB MOVIE: SPONGE OUT OF WATER ^0^ currently working on it !

hehehe!!! first trailer of sponge Bob Square Pants, My dream comes true!!!!
it was a really fun animation experience  ^o^ so happy to see the result
animation 3D at Iloura Australia


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    A.ferriere CG ANIMATOR

         "Le manoir magique"
                film NWAVEDIGITAL
         "SAMMY 2"
                film NWAVEDIGITAL
                serie TV cube creative, synematik
         "Le silence sous l'écorce"
                short film joanna lurie